Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday @ Via Dolorosa~ Stations Of The Cross

  For those of us who spend alot of time in SL, it's good to take the time to relax, reflect, meditate and contemplate. (Whether your church is a forest grove or a chapel)

  But here is a place that if you are not "mainstream Christian" ,yet spiritual, and especially if you are, you could really appreciate Via Dolorosa, which in Latin means “Way of Grief” or “Way of Suffering". A virtual depiction and experience of the Stations of the Cross. I am a universalist , with a strong emotional connection with the life of Jesus. I found that even if you believe the story is a parable or you take it as 100% literal or you just think it might have a different ending to the story. The story has many parts to reflect on. Another perspective is historical. If you enjoy sims created with historical and cultural intention, this is also a good one to visit.
  I met with namssab1nad Piers for a tour of Via Dolorosa on Easter Sunday The city is a combination of old and new Jerusalem. As far as from a build perspective; done very well. Authentic, well put together. A definite labor of love that took approximately 5 months to create. Owned by Arke Lethecus; several builders including namssab1nad Piers, Electra Karsin and Gin Galtier have worked to create this special sim.

  There are 14 stations with signs giving you guideposts along the way. At station 2 you receive a cross to bear and walk the path that is said to be the path Jesus followed. The animation is impressive; created by Electra Karsin. I recommend wearing pants to appreciate the full visual affect. Many visitors have had very moving experiences touring the Stations of the Cross, including myself. If you are the kind of person touched by this sort of thing, when you see your avi struggling to carry the cross and stumbling you will be glad the scripting is carrying you thru. I write my blogs "in real time", but found it difficult here, but I am a deeply spiritual person.

   Station 2 is very beautiful, with a little chapel at the back that I spent some time in.

The walk ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There is a sign giving a URL for a video of the Crucifixion and a teleporter to the Cathedral, Calvary and the shops.
 Although the sit anims aren't quite ready in the Cathedral it is definitely the kind of place that invites you for a contemplative rest.

 Up on the hill across from the Cathedral is Calvary hill. You will see it when you land at the teleporter. It kind of makes you catch your breath for a moment. The rays of light that cast onto the hill create a very ethereal feeling.There are prayer animations in front of the crosses if you wish to take a moment of silence there.                               

Around the side of the hill is the Tomb.....the vision of the "stone rolled away" has always been very meaningful to me. And they captured it well. The pictures I have added here show it so much better than I can describe.

 Across the field is Electra Karsin shop Sacred Fish and namssab1nad Piers shop The Light. Both are still in construction. They create religious decor,  accessories and furniture, including Rosary beads, Monk AO and lovely Crosses.
Lumiere   mainstore :

This is a destination that deserves a visit. And visit they have! Amazingly hundreds of people
have toured in just a few days. People want to fulfill
every aspect of their second life too. Is your second
life well rounded? :)

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